On Task Psychology Services provides consulting, professional development and psychological services to assist leaders and teams to draw on more of their strengths by clarifying purpose, building stronger relationships and increasing team engagement.


PRIMARY TASK is the essential activity an organisation must perform in order to retain its unique identity in the market. It’s the work it must do, if it is to be the organisation it claims to be. The Primary Task activity is a power source for an organisation. A clear understanding of Primary Task introduces a down-to-earth clarity and can free team members to identify with the Primary Task and the part they individually play in it.


“Tony’s work of consultation, organisational analysis, mentoring, group work, and public speaking is grounded in many years of practice, observation, and professional evolution. Practical and down-to-earth, he is able to analyse rationally while remaining acutely aware of both present emotional dynamics and future possibilities.

In a corporate age where the MBA has failed to deliver balanced leaders and where contemporary studies increasingly expose the inadequacies of previously unquestioned assumptions of “alpha” type dominance, Tony brings an exciting and informed perspective.”


Fr Dimitri Tsakas
Rector, Greek Orthodox Parish-Community of Saint George, South Brisbane
Archiepiscopal Vicar for Queensland, Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia